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Health Cost & Risk Management, LLC (HCRM) provides solutions that focus on addressing some of the healthcare industry's most complex challenges. With our extensive knowledge and capabilities of providing the most accurate predictive modeling and automated claims integration, we provide actionable information that will enhance revenue and contain cost and risk. The model uses sophisticated algorithms to predict the clinical events and associated cost and outcomes for each member based on medical claims, pharmacy claims, and lab data. Our proprietary model will forecast overall healthcare spending, identify at-risk members, and measure health management or wellness programs. Real time insights will be available through our on-line application, Health Risk Monitor, providing a complete view of your population including employees, spouses and dependents.




HCRM Has Solutions

HCRM was founded in 2003 to provide clinical predictive modeling services to the healthcare industry and since that time the company has expanded its services. Our experience has taught us that every client has unique needs and, to be effective, a solution must be able to meet the client’s needs. HCRM also understands that our clients need solutions in a timely manner as we offer a quick implementation. Our user-friendly platform requires minimal training time for users. Most importantly, our solutions offer the best value in the market.

HCRM specializes in collecting and integrating data from a wide variety of sources to provide our clients a complete view of plan members’ health status, now and next year, to provide our clients the actionable insights needed to make data-driven decisions.